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On match days will be deployed a traffic perimeter security for vehicle traffic through fixed traffic barriers and furniture, which will be restricted to the vicinity of Dique de Tororo , Campo da Pólvora, Ladeira da Fonte das Pedras , Hugo Baltazar Silveira Street and Boulevard America.

Interdictions always occur three (03 ) hours before the first match and remain until two hours after the end of the games.

See below how will be the main roads surrounding the Fonte Nova Arena on game day .



Av. Mario Leal Ferreira (Bonocô)

Towards Comércio: free

Towards Bus Station: trafic will be restricted in the interval of the second game

Av. Vasco da Gama

Free movement to access the Dike, diverting all traffic to Dr. João Mangabeira Square - Barris

Dique do Tororó


Ladeira da Fonte das Pedras


Ladeira dos Galés


Interdicted - traffic diverted to Djalma Dutra Street and Nazareth's ascent.

Rua Portão da Piedade

(Center Lapa)

Interdicted  traffic diverted to Av. Sete

Av. Joana Angélica

(Rua da Mangueira)

Interdicted traffic diverted to Mouraria Street and Paraíso Street

Av. Joana Angélica, a partir do Desterro

Free - Towards Nazaré

Interdicted - Towards piedade

Campo da Pólvora

Interdicted towards Nazaré – traffic diverted to Tinguí Street.

Ladeira de Santana

Free – Towards Santa Clara Street (Desterro) / Nazaré

Interdicted – Towards field of gunpowder

Rua Professora Anfrísia Santiago

Traffic will run in both directions because access to Laddeira das Pedras Source will be interdicted.

Ladeira da Telebahia

(access to Jd. Baiano)


Traffic allowed only to residents until Boulevard Américo, because t will be closed for the Dike. The output will be by Pedro Américo Street.

See the location of the main barriers on the map below. For more information click on teh desired barrier.

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